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Our attention spans are short. Even more when looking for new information. We get flooded by different sources. Most of them contain little useful information. Content should be concise, packed with information and clean of empty prose. Focused around examples. Remove everything not related to the title.

When was the last time you spent more than 15 minutes reading a single piece of information?

That is why I started writing recipes.

My inspiration comes from:

  • The Zines by Julia Evans and her blog
  • This post and this one by Matthew Rocklin.
  • Chris Albon’s website
  • The fact that I consume a lot of information and then I think “The same could have been explained in half the time”.
  • The documentation of the FastAPI Python framework. You first get an example showcasing what you can do. After that you have an extensive and well-explained documentation based on examples. You get most of what you need first. Then if you are interested you can invest more of your time an attention on it.