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This blog started as a place to share new things I learned about programming. I initially wrote Jupyter notebooks that I converted to Markdown. Then I started writing Markdown directly.

After some time, I felt like having to open my text editor in my laptop to write a blog post was making me write less. It also felt like I had to write something longer than a tweet. That’s how I started using Apple Notes a lot more1. Some notes were long, others were shorter than a Tweet. I’ve been enjoying this, so I decided to take a similar approach with my website. Instead of just publishing posts that I’ve thought about and re-read multiple times, I will also make my TILs (Today I Learned), small code snippets, quick benchmarks, random thoughts about work and life, etc. public.

As Simon Willison writes in his blog2:

It’s easy to get hung up on this. I’ve definitely felt the self-imposed pressure to only write something if it’s new, and unique, and feels like it’s never been said before. This is a mental trap that does nothing but hold you back.

Or from Brad Taunt:

Just dump it. Who cares. It’s the internet after all, so who are you trying to impress? The point is that your sharing your own experiences that are unique to you as an individual. Posting something that you think is pointless or mundane might be extremely helpful or, at the very least, entertaining for someone else.

I believe some of the things I write could be useful to share, but then I don’t publish them because I feel like I need to turn them into polished, long-form posts. I want to change that.

This will also let me experiment with different forms of writing. For example sometimes I feel like I could publish something before I finish it, my previous approach made that hard. But now I feel I can just sync any Markdown file and update it the next week with new contents.

Basically, I want this to become closer to a stream of thoughts that a polished blog.

  1. I’ve now moved to using Obsidian: Moving from Apple Notes to Obsidian ↩︎

  2. Twitter thread with some replies: https://twitter.com/simonw/status/1589305016099442689 ↩︎