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Linking notebooks

There is a little trick I just found about, which I think can be very useful when you split tasks across different notebooks.

Jupyter notebooks keep gaining popularity and use cases, the rapid growth of the tooling ecosystem around it is just one proof (for example voilà or panel).

Most people choose Jupyter when publishing a course or tutorial on Github and that’s great, but when there are a lot of notebooks it can become messy.

I am now working on a project and I’m separating tasks in different notebooks like:


And I found you can link a notebook from another one like you would link to a normal website:

[task foo](../notebooks/02.task2.ipynb)

Even though this is something very simple, I think it can be useful at work or if you are distributing a book as Jupyter notebooks and need to refer to a previous notebook/chapter. This way you are only one click away and don’t need to look for it!

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